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published page: 03/08/03
last update: 18/02/09


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krash 40
[french title: krash 40]
(35 mm, 40', color,
sound - 2005// in progress)
film compilation in kodachrome 40
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"small films"
[french title: petits films]
films made with volontary artistic contrainte, in super 8
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official website in french
my page in french of Petits Films website

[french title: t i k a l]
(super 8 double écran, 2' 30, color, sound - 2005)
shoot-edited double screen produced for the meeting of April 28, 2005
in cinema La Clef (Paris)
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[french title: l'hirondelle]
(super 8, 3', b&w, music - 2003)
free and air adaptation of a song of the past
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emais / installation
[french title: cinémaïs]
(installation, super 8 and 16, b&w and colour, sound - 2002/ in progress )
- co-director: stephane andre
industrial corn and transgenic cinema...

the funambulist
[french title: le funambule]
(super 16, blow ip to 35 mm , 10', b&w and color, sound - 2001/ in progress )
- sound: martin gracineau
somewhere between the mental universe of a funambulist and reality


[french title: en-corps]
(super 8, 6' 30, b&w and color, music - 2001/2002)
- music: yann savel
triptych on the relation between body and nature
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infos programmers

the wall
[french title: le mur]
(super 8, blow up to 16 mm, 4', b&w, silent - 2001/2002)
relation between a man and a wall

the road invention

[french title: l'invention de la route]
(super 8, 17', b&w and color, sound - 1999/2003)
a road movie: itynerance, tiredness, meetings...
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[french title: tandem : faux-raccords]
(Super 8, blow up to 16 mm, 6' 30, b&w and color, sound stereo - 1999/2001)
- sound and co-director: martin gracineau
a man and a woman… they do not meet together…
film "by correspondence" between France (images) and Quebec (sounds)
> see the film on cinematicfilm.com
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infos programmers

Agnes diary
[french title: le fjournal d'Agnès]
(16 mm, 4' 30, color, sound - 1997/98)
diary of the last days of the life of a woman reached of an incurable disease
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[french title: palimpsestes]
(16 mm, 5', b&w, sound - 1998/ in progress) - animation with photography.
what sort of exchange can exist between a body and a book during the reading
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