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published page: 03/08/03
last update: 03/08/03



[french title: tandem : faux-raccords]
1999/2001 -
6’30, b&w and color

directory: colas ricard & martin gracineau
colas ricard
sound: martin gracineau

with marion janin & steve sehan

Print and dub available:

16 mm, optic sound mono
Beta, stereo sound

film ditribute by
Light Cone and Collectif Jeune Cinéma

rent : 30 euros for one screening


the complete descriptive english/french

the poster in 13 cm X 13 cm, with 300 dpi
--- jpeg (312 KB)
--- tiff (2,4 Mo)


the list of the screening of tandem

to see the film on the web:


key words:
(possible tracks of programming)

train, cinema, voyage, meet, chance, narration poetic, comparison, analogies, reminiscences, polysemia, repetitions, alternatives, couple, correspondences, connections, splicing, interval, bond image/son, possibility, projections, probability, combinative, reversibility, interlacing, synchronisms, simultaneity, coincidence, congruence, accident, burn, speed, movement, black and white, color, light, rate/rhythm, run, regularity, inexorability, concrete music, matter (metal, body, water, film), reflections…

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