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published page: 03/08/03
last update: 03/08/03



The dead tree

[french title: L'Arbre mort]
(5 specimens - indian ink and photocopy - 1998)
From a sentence of the book of Virginia Woolf : The Waves.
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[french title: Rémanence]
(2 specimens - work in photocopy - 1998)
What remains in memory after the reading of a book...
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The torn page

[french title: La Page déchirée]
(book and audio tape - 3 specimens - 1997)
- gravings of Marion Janin.
From the memory of a book of his childhood, a man seeks to discover the "secrecy of the books", secrecy of their attraction on the men and on him.
First seeks on the ideas, he cross the sentences, the words, the letters, for finally arriving at the spaces left blank between the letters and at the white page in its materiality.
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